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Tamagotchi iD L/たまごっちあいでぃーエル
The Tamagotchi iD L (たまごっちあいでぃーエル Tamagotchi Aidii Eru) is a color-screen Tamagotchi proceeding the "Tamagotchi iD Lovely Melody." It was released March 19, 2011. There are 32 TamaTomo characters.
The L stands for 6 things: Life, Link, Live, Love, Leader, and Limited.
The 6 colors the iD L are available are: Pink (ピンク Pinku), Yellow (イエロー Ieroo), Blue (ブルー Buruu), White (ホワイト Howaito), Green (グリーン Guriin) and Purple (パープル Paapuru).
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Features are:
.Receive a TamaPet by going to the Donut Shop
.New characters (15 boys, 17 girls on the iD L)
.Trade items, take pictures, and propose marriage via connection
.Grow plants and harvest items from them
.Dress up in clothes and accessories

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Boys: Mametchi (まめっち Mametchi), Kuchipatchi (くちぱっち Kuchipatchi/Kutipatchi), KuroMametchi (くろまめっち KuroMametchi), Gozarutchi (ござるっち Gozarutchi), Kikitchi (ききっち Kikitchi), Shinshitchi (new) (しんしっち Shinshitchi), Shootchi (new) (シュートっち Shuutotchi), Paintchi (new) (ペイントっち Peintotchi), Sunopotchi (new) (すのぽっち Sunopotchi), Kuishinbotchi (new) (くいしんぼっち Kuishinbotchi), Bokutchi (new) (ぼくっち Bokutchi), Guriguritchi (new) (ぐりぐりっち Guriguritchi) , Spacytchi (スペイシーっち Supeishiitchi), Herotchi (new) (ヒーローっち Hiirootchi), Meistertchi (new) (マイスターっち Maisutaatchi)

Girls: Lovelitchi/Lovelytchi (ラブリっち Raburitchi), Furawatchi/Flowertchi (ふらわっち Furawatchi), Makiko (まきこ Makiko), ChaMametchi (ちゃまめっち ChaMametchi), Memetchi (めめっち Memetchi), Uwasatchi (うわさっち Uwasatchi), Meloditchi (メロディっち Meroditchi), Moriritchi (new) (もりりっち Moriritchi), Pichipitchi (new) (ぴちぴっち Pichipitchi), Shigurehimetchi (new) (しぐれひめっち Shigurehimetchi), PomPomtchi (new) (ポンポンっち Ponpontchi), Agetchi (new) (あげっち Agetchi), Watawatatchi (new) (わたわたっち Watawatatchi), Nachuratchi (new) (なちゅらっち Nachuratchi), Perotchi (new) (ぺろっち Perotchi), Madonnatchi (new) (マドンナっち Madonnatchi), Giragiratchi (new) (ギラギラっち Giragiratchi)

Mamapatchi (ままぱっち Mamapatchi), Mamametchi (ままめっち Mamametchi)

10 pets: Meloditchi: Sopratchi & Doremitchi, Lovelitchi: [unknown], Perotchi: [unknown], Shigurehimetchi: [unknown], Shinshitchi: Harappatchi, Mametchi: Bagubagutchi & HapiHapitchi, Memetchi: Chitchi, Kuchipatchi: Onsen Moguratchi

MamaKoppetchi (ママコッペっち), Ecousatchi Sisters (エコうさっち Ekousatchi), [Gotchi Interior (ごっちインテリア Gotchi Interia)], Depagatchi, [Matchmaking Party (おみあいパーティー Omiai Paatii)], AneMoriritchi (あねもりりっち), Don Paratchi, Kumatchi, Gypsytchi (うらないっち Uranaitchi), Mimitchi (みみっち)

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Name: Tamagotchi iD L
Release Date: March 3, 2011 (Saturday)
Price: 5,040 Yen each (tax included)
Colors: 6 Colors (White, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue)
Size: W58xH58xD32 mm, approximately 68g (main body/including the battery), W80xH164xD50 mm (package)
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (included)
Design/Specifications: LCD/TFT-LCD 1.44 inches, 128x128 dot-matrix color, CPU/32 bit RISC microcomputer
Sales route: Toy stores, toy department retailers, internet shopping (etc.), BanDai Official Shopping Site "Premium BanDai"
Premium BanDai Reservation Period: February 1 (Tuesday) at 4:00 PM (16:00) (depending on the amount on stock)
Item shipping date: March 18, 2011

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External Links

Translated images courtesy of Lilytchi:

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