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This is just a simple guide I made to make Tamagotchi Holders. It may take 2 or 3 days, but you'll like how it turns out. Hope you enjoy it!
Step 1 -- Forming
Forming your Tamagotchi holder is a very important part of making one. First, you will need to buy some air-dry clay.
Next, you will need to break off a pretty good sized clump that would look like it could hold a Tamagotchi. With your hands, shape and form a sort of Tamagotchi holder shape. Make sure the bottom is flat and that it won't wobble around. You will probably need a Tamagotchi. Use your Tamagotchi to press a pocket into your lump of clay. Once it is just right, look for any tiny cracks. If you see any, dab your finger in some water and rub it. Once it looks perfect to you, set it on a piece of wax paper and let it dry over night.

Step 2 -- Painting
First, you have to make sure it is somewhat solid. If so, continue on to painting it. It is important to use the correct type of paints. Watercolors usually don't work. I recommend using acrylic paints. Using these 3 colors and a paint brush, you can make pretty much any color you like.
Once you have mixed and matched your favorite color, proceed with painting it. Make sure to fill in all of the cracks. Once it is dry, flip it over and paint the bottom. After that, apply another coat of paint if needed. Make sure to make any necessary touch-ups.
Once it is completely dry, feel free to set your Tama in it and see how it is.
Ah, but it is not over yet. You still have two more steps to go!

Step 3 -- Smoothing
This is a very visual part of the process and is completely optional. Use the palm of your hand and rub the edges of you holder. This will make it smooth and more shiny and authentic so it looks cool!
Only 1 more step to go!

Step 4 -- Glitter Paint
After it is completely dry, it's time to add glitter paint. Yet another optional part, it mat be the funnest. There's all sorts of different kinds you can buy.
Some kinds of glitter paint have a paint brush built into the lid.
Now, gently apply your holder with your desired glitter. You can add a lot, or a little, it's up to you. DO NOT put glitter paint in the area of which your Tamagotchi will be placed, unless you want a sticky, glittery Tamagotchi. Again, add two coats or one, it really doesn't matter.
There we go! Now it's done with the glitter. Wait over night for it to try. Remember to keep it on wax paper.

The Finished Product
When you awake in the morning, expect to see a stunning piece of art. You now have a completed Tamagotchi holder! Now you can set your Tama in it's brand-new holder and gaze upon it. Have fun with your new Tamagotchi holder!

Well, there you have it. That is my guide to making Tamagotchi holders. Hope you liked it!
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Jul 26 10 4:36 PM

Ooohhh! Excellent guide for making a Tamagotchi holder! masmeme: Off topic but: Shouldn't this be in the Tamagotchi Toy Tips & Tricks forums? :letter: It'd be better if you made it there! :evilviolet: Don't make another topic of it, I'll get an Admin to move it. (I can't cause I don't moderate this forum :sad: )

~Memetchi :memetchi:

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Jul 26 10 7:44 PM

Oh really? Sorry, I thought it would belong here. See, I posted something similar to this on another forum site in the tips and tricks section, but it got moved to the art section so I thought it would belong here.

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Gotchi King

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Jul 27 10 12:37 AM

Wow, what a cool guide! I like the idea a lot!
Very good craft.. I really liked how you posted pics to go with it, too!
Keep on keepin' on with the great ideas! :violetchi:

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Jul 27 10 12:48 AM

I finally made it! I finally made it!(Acting a little kiddish right now) I want to post the pics, but my photobucket doesn't work for some reason.. maybe too big? 0_0


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